Onine education for athletes
Onine education for athletes

2105 – Generator Protection

The objective of this course is to review the types of fault that can occur on generators and discuss the various protection schemes that are used on both small and large generators. After studying this course and the associated workbook, the participant should be able to understand the following overall concepts and apply them to his day-to-day work activities. He will also be able to answer related test questions on these subjects: Types of prime movers, Generator terminal connections, Generator bus connections, Unit and station service transformers, Generator mechanical problems, General electrical faults, Generator and prime mover tripping arrangements, Phase fault primary protection, Ground fault primary protection, Backup protection, Negative phase sequence protection, Generator capability curve, Loss of field protection, Effect of system disturbances, Generator off-line protection.

If you are taking this course for NERC credit, the following credits will be reported.

NERC CE HOURS: CE HOURS = 4.00 OPS Topics=4.00 Standards=0.00 Simulation=0.00 EO=0.00

price: 85.00