Onine education for athletes
Onine education for athletes

2112 – Testing and Commissioning of Protective Schemes

The objective of this course is to present and discuss the many factors involved in commissioning new power installations, placing particular emphasis on the testing of protective schemes. After study of this course, participants should be able to understand the following overall concepts and apply them to their work activities. They will also be able to answer test questions on these subjects: Objectives of commissioning tests, Coordination of commissioning activities, Safety requirements, The need for documentation, Review of block diagrams, Inspection of primary installation, Review of protection schematics and wiring diagrams, Checking of secondary wiring, IR and continuity, Checking of control wiring, energizing the DC system, Testing VTs for insulation, ratio, polarity, Testing CTs for insulation, ratio, polarity, and excitation, Testing CT connections, Testing and calibrating relays, Secondary injection tests, Functional testing of protection schemes, Primary injection tests, Requirements prior to energization, Tests for phasing and phase sequence, In-service tests with load applied, Company test procedures and records.

If you are taking this course for NERC credit, the following credits will be reported.

NERC CE HOURS: CE HOURS = 4.00 OPS Topics=4.00 Standards=0.00 Simulation=0.00 EO=0.00

price: 85.00