Onine education for athletes
Onine education for athletes

2116 – Coordination of Protection Devices

The objective of this tape is to present a more detailed study of the subject of ‘coordination’ of protective devices, particularly in the area of distribution systems. After study of this course and the associated workbook, participants should be able to understand the following overall concepts and apply them to their day-to-day work activities. They will also be able to answer related test questions on these subjects: The coordination problem, Sensitivity and selectivity, Inverse time characteristic of protection devices, Expulsion fuses, Current limiting fuses – High Rupturing Capacity (HRC), Fuse curves, Minimum melt and damage curves, Fuse coordination procedure, Coordination of fuse with overcurrent relays, Coordination of capacitor bank fuses, Recloser application, Recloser characteristics, Fast and slow recloser curves, Function of sectionalizers, Voltage restraint sectionalizers, Coordination of reclosers, sectionalizers and fuses, Conductor damage curve, Industrial consumer protection devices, Low voltage circuit breakers.

If you are taking this course for NERC credit, the following credits will be reported.

NERC CE HOURS: CE HOURS = 4.00 OPS Topics=4.00 Standards=0.00 Simulation=0.00 EO=0.00

price: 85.00